7 Funniest Press Releases of All Time

Writing press releases isn’t always the most entertaining job in the world.  It’s all about delivering the message quickly, efficiently with the highest yield of return on your time invested.  Not all press releases are dry and boring though, some can be rather fun to write and truly show the creativity of those who craft [...]

14 Reasons to write a press release

A press release is designed to give detailed information to news outlets so they can quickly disperse it to the masses and help generate a spark.  There are more then a few good excuses to start a press release.  In this article we’ll cover some of the top reasons you should be writing press releases [...]

4 Fake Press Releases that had an impact

Creating a press release doesn’t always have to be serious, sometimes a ruse is the best way to create interest in your company, service or to raise awareness for your cause.  Here we look at positive and negative impacts creating a fake press release can have.

1. In this fake NASA press release, two well-known comedians [...]

The 7 Mistakes Most Press Release Writers Make

Creating a press release for a campaign or assignment requires thought and preparation, without the core fundamentals your release may end up right in the trash folder of your recipients email.  A well-written press release can be an invaluable asset to your company and the success of the content within the release you’re trying to [...]

5 Differences between Press Releases and Articles

Building traffic for a brand, whether a storefront or online requires lots of work, dedication, and above all, writing.  Creating content is how you reach the masses, but knowing what to write for whom you are trying to attract can be very different.  Creating quality content is no good if you aren’t directing it to, [...]

But is it newsworthy?

Creating an effective press release has more components then just quality writing and a list of email addresses to mail them off to.  Choosing when and how to deploy your campaign has as much to do with success as the content within.  Knowing how to look past what’s right in front of you and how [...]